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Who is Sean? | Sean Kennedy Web Services + Consulting in Vancouver, BC

Who is Sean?

Who is Sean Kennedy?

…and what’s his deal?

A Little About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, freelancer, app lover, and digital marketer with an extreme passion for the web.

Over the past 7-years, I have worked with web agencies and large companies to develop solutions that maximize results. My projects have included e-Commerce, email marketing, mobile, and large database driven websites.

Today, I’m working as a freelancer in Vancouver, BC focusing on responsive email marketing campaigns and WordPress web development. I also work on a couple side projects including Really Good Emails and organizing Startup Weekend Vancouver.

When I need to unwind, I enjoy trying new restaurants, playing hockey, taking advantage of the great outdoors, or travelling the world in search of a new adventure.

I’m also try to get involved in the small business and startup community and love talking to other entrepreneurs passionate about their business. I have an immense passion for apps and productivity tools and you can always find me learning new ways to make life easier.

Publishing My Thoughts

I started a blog a couple years ago and have been trying to put out articles that I think will be of interest to small businesses and other freelancers or entrepreneurs. I’ve been horrible at maintaining it, but I’m trying to do better. It usually features app review, thoughts on business and life, and from time to time, I will publish general news about me and what I’m up to. Feel free to check it out!

Want to Know More?

Check out my online résumé or shoot me a message and let’s grab a coffee.

Some Past Projects

How I Think

Put simply, I believe in quality over quantity. I will never put out a product unless I am completely satisfied with it.

Words I Live By

  • Quality over quantity.
  • Love what you do.
  • Always deliver more than expected.
  • Where there is passion, there is success.
  • Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.
More Quotes I Love »

Skills + Abilities

Axure / OmniGraffle

jQuery / JavaScript
Project Management
Product Design / UX
Graphic Design

The History of Sean

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    Completed my business degree from Okanagan College / UBC-O with a major in human resources and marketing.

  • Lived in Costa Rica

    Spent 6-months living in Costa Rica.

  • Artistech Newmedia

    Entered the web industry as the Account Director for Artistech Newmedia in Kelowna, BC while studying for my diploma.

    • Meet with clients and identify project scope & strategy.
    • Develop project proposals & contracts.
    • Oversee project development and act as point of contact for clients.
    • Perform SEO strategies for websites.
    • Develop email newsletter templates.
    • Perform maintenance work on websites.
  • Diploma in Graphic & Digital Media Design

    Completed my diploma in web development and design.

  • Moved to North Vancouver

    In pursuit of better opportunities, I moved from Kelowna to North Vancouver, BC where I would hope to further my career in web development.

  • Graphically Speaking

    Started new job as Project Manager at Graphically Speaking in Vancouver, BC. This later grew into a Technical Project Manager position.

    • Managed small-large projects to deliver on time and on budget.
    • Worked with design and production teams to implement project plans.
    • Managed the majority of e-commerce website developments from small to large.
    • Communicated with clients about project developments and provide reports.
    • Performed quality control and testing of projects.
    • Performed maintenance work on websites for clients.
    • Oversaw and lead the creation of a new small website development division in the company.
    • Provided support and consult to the sales team by providing estimates and solutions for clients.
  • Academic Award

    Awarded for graduating with my diploma in graphic & digital media design with the highest GPA of all students from any program at the school.

  • Traveled to Europe

    Traveled to Europe for a 3-week adventure. This was my first time in Europe and definitely won’t be my last!

    • London, England
    • Paris, France
    • Nice, France
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Milan, Italy
    • Venice, Italy
    • Rome, Italy
  • Moved to Vancouver

    Moved from North Vancouver to downtown Vancouver.

  • Completed PMP Training Course

    Started the process of obtaining my PMP by completing the training course requirement while at Graphically Speaking.

  • Revenue Automation

    Started working at Revenue Automation as a Project Manager working on marketing automation campaigns.

    • Managed marketing automation strategies and executed projects.
    • Performed quality control and testing prior to deployment.
    • Managed resources to ensure deadlines and budgets were met.
    • Worked with the company to develop procedures and efficiencies to improve day-to-day processes.
  • Website v1 Launched

    First version of my website dedicated to freelance work is launched. It’s the site you are currently viewing!

  • Sean Kennedy Web Services is Born

    Launched Sean Kennedy Web Services as a dedicated freelance company for working with business for project management and online marketing.

    • Provide web development solutions using WordPress as the preferred CMS.
    • Design and develop responsive email marketing templates for clients.
    • Consult clients and provide strategies for optimizing online marketing.
  • Freelance Full-Time

    Began working full-time as a freelance professional.

  • Launched Pitch’n

    Participated in Startup Weekend Vancouver and co-founded Pitch’n.

    Helping volunteers increase their impact with the limited time they have for the causes and organizations they actually care about.

  • Startup Weekend Vancouver

    After participating in Startup Weekend in 2013, I decided I wanted to do more to help out the startup community. So in 2014, I joined the organizing to help organize the next event in November 2014.

    After a massive success in the 2014 event, I’ve now lead the Startup Weekend Vancouver team and am working with an amazing group of people to plan our next event for November 20-22, 2015.

  • Closed Pitch’n

    After running Pitch’n for almost a year, I decided to close the doors and take what I had learned to move onto the next opportunity. It was a great experience running my own business and I posted about the decision to shut things down.

  • Pathful

    Joined Pathful as their Marketing Manager and quickly took on the additional role of Product Design. This is a great team who I loved working with and designing for.

    • Plan, wireframe, and design Pathful application.
    • Manage front-end development for both the company website and the app (HTML/CSS).
    • Use Intercom to manage customer engagements and onboarding.
    • Work with team to develop marketing materials and generating growth.
  • TEDxVancouver

    Joined the TEDxVancouver team as their lead for Email Communications. If you received an email from TEDxVancouver in 2014, it was most likely from me! 😉

  • Really Good Emails

    I’ve been following Really Good Emails for quite some time now. Whenever I needed inspiration on my next email campaign or design, they were there to help give me ideas.

    After a random occurrence of stumbling into the founder of Really Good Emails, I joined the team behind the project and currently help manage their email marketing.

  • Freelance Full-Time

    After over a year with Pathful, things were not going the way we planned and so I have now returned back to freelance full-time as a MailChimp expert and consultant. I continue to look for new opportunities while helping my client succeed with their businesses.

Want to learn more about me?

Download my résumé