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Get up to 50% off MailChimp Services | Sean Kennedy Web Services + Consulting in Vancouver, BC

Get up to 50% off MailChimp Services

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Get up to 50% off MailChimp services with their Expert Exchange Program!

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to email service providers (ESP). You have probably heard of many of them such as Constant Contact, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp. It can be a time consuming task to try and find the one that best suits your needs. Perhaps I’ll write a post in the future about the different ESPs out there.

With all the different options out there, it can be very overwhelming — especially if you are new to the online marketing thing. This is where I try to help. I am always looking at the emerging technology so that you don’t have to. Right now, my preference is with MailChimp for various reasons that I won’t get into here. There may be other services that may be better in specific situations and certain areas but on a whole for the majority of people, MailChimp does what you need!

Great, so what?

Well, one of my favorite programs to tell my clients about is how I can help them save 50% off their MailChimp services.

You heard right. 50%! Half of what you would normally pay per month!

Sounds great! How’s it work?

MailChimp has an Expert Exchange Program that you can utilize when you use one of their registered experts. Since I am registered as one of their experts, you can save 50% just by working with me! Awesome, right?

You can read the full article at the link above but basically, if you send MailChimp the invoice you receive from me, they will pay up to 50% just because you used one of their experts — me! It is a win/win for everyone!

Want to learn more about MailChimp?

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